Take Action!

Concerned about the environmental impact of the airport expansion? Or, do you want to report a low flying plane or noise complaint? Let your voice be heard. We have made access to these forms below. Click the links for the corresponding form for your concern and you will be taken to that page to submit your concern.

Tweed is currently in the EA process. Now is the time to voice your concerns. Write an EA letter. Follow the link below to the EA Community resource page. If you have any questions reach out, we are happy to help. Click Here for Link

Concerned about Low-flying or Noisy planes in & out of Tweed?
Use this complaint form.

There’s an Environmental Assessment underway at Tweed, to be reviewed by the FAA, EPA, and CT DEEP regulatory agencies. They must review ALL public comments. Register your concerns now, using this comment form.

In your comment, please include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your membership in 10,000 Hawks and other relevant groups
  • Your address or neighborhood
  • A description of the problem as you see it
  • The impact on you and your family and community, (like sleep disruption, health problems – physical or mental, disrupted learning/work, etc.)