Our name, “10,000 Hawks,” honors the numbers of raptors in the annual hawk migration that takes place over Tweed airspace & our neighborhoods of the East Shore, Annex, Momaguin, Morgan Point, Fair Haven Heights areas of South Central Connecticut.

10,000 Hawks is an all-volunteer group of neighbors who remain committed to an inter-generational fight to save the coastline and wetlands right here, and maintain the health of the neighborhood for future generations. We are deeply committed to a high quality of life for all life in our communities, addressing issues like our air quality, noise pollution, traffic calming, walkability, habitat, long-term thinking & planning for our neighborhood, children and grandchildren.

Current Major Focus: The operations of Tweed New Haven Airport Authority are neither environmentally nor financially sustainable. Sited on a coastal floodplain, the airport threatens the environment and the health of local residents in this sensitive natural area. Tweed is bordered by residential areas, including 3 schools, and the 82-acre Lighthouse Park as well. Tweed is located on the Atlantic flyway, a major migration route for butterflies, hawks, and many bird species. Keeping Tweed New Haven Airport to a reasonable small usage is critical to our quality of life. 

But, Tweed is just one aspect of our regional work. Working with allies in public health, safe streets, environmental justice, bird lovers, nature preserve advocates, etc., we can all enjoy a high quality of life with all our diverse neighbors.