Patrick Rowland Finds Passion in Fighting Tweed Expansion with 10,000 Hawks

BY JENN MCCULLOCH/ZIP06.COM • 01/05/2022 08:30 A.M. EST
Living in the neighborhood near the south end of Tweed’s runway, Patrick Rowland has become involved in 10,000 Hawks, a group working to halt the expansion of the airport. (Photo courtesy of Patrick Rowland)


There have been no shortage of challenges since Patrick Rowland and his wife, Lisa, decided to realize their dream of owning a home on the water. The couple bought a beach cottage in East Haven in 2012, but just as they were getting settled, it was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. The couple began to rebuild, but after rags used for staining left by a work crew spontaneously combusted, house No. 2 burnt to the ground.Read full Article here.

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